SWAT stands-off with wanted suspect near Katie’s Custard

Jason Pedreros | Multimedia Journalist

A standoff between a SWAT team and a local man took place Friday afternoon around 4 p.m. at Valley Mills Apartments on Valley Mills Dr., as police said the wanted suspect was unwilling to cooperate at the time.

The individual was identified as Daniel Remington Jr., 51. He is charged with a parole violation, forgery of the elderly and resisting arrest.

“This same individual actually eluded our officers yesterday afternoon in a car chase. He drove so irresponsibly that our officers, for the safety of our citizens, called that chase off,” Sgt. Patrick Swanton of Waco Police said. “Another agency found him again shortly thereafter. They picked up the pursuit again, and again due to his reckless driving, they called that chase off for an abundance of caution for our citizens.”

Waco PD was able to pinpoint him at the apartment complex and attempted to negotiate with him. He was unwilling to cooperate, so SWAT was called out and the apartment complex was evacuated.

“SWAT deployed gas into the house, chemical munitions, and unfortunately he still refused to surrender,” Swanton said.

Around 15 locals were outside the scene observing the action. Loud warning shots could be heard as well as the shots of gas being sent into the apartment. Those watching were told to remain at a distance for their safety.

Waco citizen Rodney Stephens, one of the onlookers, was at the scene early.

“My wife works at Critters, and so I came up here. As we were in the building, two cops came and told us we had to evacuate,” Stephens said. “He was suited up big time. I ain’t ever seen this much guns on one guy. He had like two rifles, guns here, guns here,” Stephens said as he touched the sides of his torso.

The standoff lasted several hours but was finally resolved with Remington being walked out in handcuffs. Remington received medical treatment for gas inhalation after being taken into custody.