Test week stress takes toll on students

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Almost all students have felt the stress of test week, and many have spent all night cramming for a big exam or project. However, there are various ways students can alleviate this stress, and they don’t even need to leave campus for most of them.

Houston sophomore Katie Rademacher said about her upcoming test week, “I have a lot of tests, and there is a lot of pressure some most of my grade is from the test, so I’m also really nervous about all of it.”

Although stress is a normal occurrence for college students sometimes it can be taken to extremes. The Office of Career and Professional Development offers a multitude of resources for students to take advantage of, including supplemental instruction, strategic learning instruction, academic counseling, a learning lab, mentoring and free tutoring.

Trish Baum, program manager for resources at the Office of Career and Professional Development, said she often encounters students who experience this stress and are struggling to balance studying along with basic human needs.

“Students who are stressed out are either not eating properly, they’re not getting enough rest, they’re not taking care of themselves physically,” Baum said.

Next time test week rolls around, students can head over to the Career and Professional Development Office in the West Wing of the Sid Richardson building to check out the resources available to Baylor students.