How one fashionista turned her hobby into a business

Cisarik utilizes several kinds of fabrics in her clutches and purses. Photo Courtesy of Sally Cisarik


Caroline Yablon | Reporter

In today’s fashion industry, purchasing a one of a kind purse from an accessible designer is somewhat uncommon. However, one Baylor student is changing that with her brand KMC Handbags.

Houston junior Kathleen Cisarik is the girl behind the design and production of KMC Handbags. The story behind her brand’s beginnings was not strategic but spontaneous.

Throughout her life, Cisarik always loved fashion and styling her friends, but sewing just recently became her hobby through watching tutorial videos and teaching herself.

She said the first thing she made was a headband made out of fabric and then a clutch, which she posted on her Instagram Story. One of her friends saw the post and asked to buy it. From then on, Cisarik started designing and posting more of her bags on Instagram and started to recieve affirmation from her friends about her purses.

“One of my friends said I should make an instagram and post my purses and thats what started it all,” Cisarik said.

The Kathleen Maria Cisarik Handbags Instagram page launched this summer.

KMC Handbags is known for the fringe clutch that comes in many different colors and fabrics. Customers have the option to add straps. Each purse is uniquely made once and only once.

“No one will ever have the same purse, which I think is really unique because that never really happens in a department store,” Cisarik said.

Since the launch of KMC Handbags’ Instagram, it is growing in business and loyal customers.

San Antonio sophomore Kate Ballantyn, a KMC customer, said that Cisarik’s bags are unlike anything that you would be able to find at a boutique or department store.

“The endless combinations of fabrics, patterns, and styles in KMC Handbags will make it hard to pick which one you want because simply, you are going to want them all,” Ballantyne said.

Boerne junior Savannah Cone is a dear friend to Cisarik and a passioante customer of KMC Handbags.

“I love my KMC Handbags! I already have two and they are both incredibly beautiful. The designs and pattern combinations are unique and always stunning. Every time I use one, I get so many compliments! Kat is extremely talented and every bag is a labor of love!”

Although Cisarik said that she wants to see her business grow while she is in college, she did say that she is not ready to make KMC full-time while she is in college.

Her reasoning stands true to her passion and intentions for KMC Handbags. She said that designing and making purses is enjoyable, as well as therapeutic for her and she doesn’t want that to change.

“I love to create and design purses, but only to the extent that it is not overwhelming and only enjoyable and fun,” Cisarik said.

Cisarik is one of many college students is proving that there is no age requirement to turn a passion or hobby into a business. She shared some advice for college students who are looking into starting a business of their own:

“Never give up. Always keep on trying and striving to reach your goal and dream of your business and always have a good mindset,” Cisarik said. “It is okay to make mistakes along the way, that is the process in starting a business.”

For more pictures and inquiries follow @kmc_handbags on Instagram.