Pre-law students gear up for LSAT

By Jenna Welch | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor pre-law students are gearing up to take the Law School Admission Test, more commonly known as the LSAT. There are 111 students registered to take this rigorous exam this fall.

“I have actually taken it once already,” said Southlake senior Caleb Terrell. “I did prep books the first time, I’m doing prep books this time. And I’ve been studying for the past four months this time and about three to four months for the first one.”

Fortunately, Baylor Law does not charge an application fee, and encourages undergraduate students to take it as many times as needed. Baylor Law’s Career Development Office works hand in hand with students in the beginnings of their law school journey. This has helped enable the pre-law students to pinpoint their interests, identify their strengths, as well as developing their successful career plan after graduation.

“I think the LSAT will help me hopefully get into law school … as long as I get a job after law school guarantees a successful future,” Terrell said.

Once the pre-law students pass the LSAT, they are able to join the Baylor Law program. After graduation, the graduates looking to find the greatest opportunities, along with employers searching to hire the best candidates, find the connection to be easy through the Baylor Law program. This is because employers seek graduates, typically from Baylor Law, with exceptional skills and precision to start off strong.

If you are interested in applying for the LSAT and getting into Baylor Law, visit Baylor’s website for more information on application and requirements.