Line Camp friendships prove test of time

By Emma Whitaker | Broadcast Reporter

Around two thousand freshmen attend Baylor Line Camp every summer in eager anticipation for new experience campus has in store for them.

Any student that takes part in this Baylor tradition –– from freshman to seniors ––surely remembers his or her first moments of Line Camp. Sarah Lunsford, recent graduate and former Line Camp leader said Line Camp groups have the potential to be monumental in the friendships you keep, not only within your Baylor experience, but for the rest of your life.

Lunsford said this tradition is known for creating bonds that will last past one week of the summer. While she now lives in Waco with her husband and teaches school, she said she vividly remembers her first experiences at Line Camp.

After the summer was over, Lunsford said she continued to invest in her groups and help foster longstanding friendships.

“I tried to get meals with them and keep in touch, especially their first year after Line Camp,” Lunsford said.