Worship service concludes Welcome Week festivities

By Melanie Pace | Broadcast Reporter

Heavy rain did not stop freshmen from attending a Welcome Week worship service Sunday night at the Ferrell Center.

Dr. Burt Burleson, university chaplain,said a worship service has been part of the Welcome Week tradition for several decades. The service included live music as well as recitations of scripture.

Burleson said he hopes the experience at the Ferrell Center helps freshmen to have a “sense of belonging” and to “know that they are loved” in their new home at Baylor.

As for students without a faith background, Burleson said he hopes the Christian community at Baylor responds with hospitality.

Columbia, Mo., freshman Casey Hulshof said a faith-based education helps her to see the bigger picture in her academic life.

“The reason you’re here is to be the best person you can be so you can go out and do God’s will for everybody else,” Hulshof said.

As for students who come to Baylor because of reasons other than faith, Burleson said he hopes the Christian community at Baylor responds with hospitality and not judgement.

Better Together is an interfaith organization at Baylor that Burleson said allows for “dialogue with one another” and prompts conversation between Christian and non-Christian students.

For the first time, Chapel students were administered a survey to see where the freshman class is in regards to faith. As a part of Late Night on Friday, Burleson said the Bobo Spiritual Life Center will be filled with over 25 student organizations with religious missions.

“We see more and more of these organizations thriving,” Burleson said.