Police report 167 crimes this semester

By Julia Vergara | Staff Writer

Key: January (green), February (red), March (blue)

According to the BUPD Crime Log, Baylor and surrounding areas have experienced 167 reported crime cases since the beginning of the semester, Jan. 8.

  • Out of the reported crimes, 112 occurred on-campus and 55 occurred off-campus.
  • The most frequent crimes overall were theft, burglaries and alcohol-related cases.
  • There were 45 reported cases of theft. Out of those reports, 34 occurred on-campus and 11 occurred off-campus.
  • There were 27 reported cases of burglary, and 21 were reported as a burglary of a motor vehicle. Out of the reported burglary cases, nine occurred on-campus and 18 occurred off-campus.
  • There were 21 reports of alcohol-related cases. This includes public intoxication, minor in possession and minor consumption. Out of the reports, 18 occurred on-campus and three occurred off-campus.
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