Faculty Senate strives for Baylor’s success

Faculty Chair of the Senate Anne McGlashan has been a part of Baylor faculty since 1990 and has been in the Faculty Senate for 12 years.

By Micaela Freeman | Staff Writer

The Baylor Faculty Senate strive to keep Baylor an effective University and an active role in the students’ lives. The government of Faculty also contribute academically and promote academic success in a Christian environment.

Faculty Chair of the Senate Anne McGlashan has served multiple terms and is eager to continue acting as the voice of Baylor’s governance. McGlashan has been a part of Baylor faculty since 1990 and has been in the Faculty Senate for 12 years.

McGlashan, Associate Professor of German and Russian and Director of the Division of both German and Russian, is in her third term of the Faculty Senate and believes the precedent behind re-electing faculty proves the efficiency of the Senate.

“That is why senators allow themselves to be reelected,” McGlashan said. “Even although the work is sometimes hard, we believe that an engaged faculty, a faculty that takes part in the day-to-day workings of Baylor, makes for a well-run university.”

As “the voice of the faculty,” the Faculty Senate prides themselves on being an active role within Baylor’s community whether it be students, academia or the faculty as a whole.

“The Senate keeps up with everything at Baylor that has to do with curricular issues, faculty quality of life, and faculty governance (the faculty’s role in the running of the university),” McGlashan said.

McGlashan also said her role in the Faculty Senate has created an impactful effect in her teaching.

“Knowing what is going on in the university as a whole certainly has had an impact on my interaction with students, both in and out of the classroom,” McGlashan said. “Senators become more attuned to all the good things and the challenging things that students encounter, and that means we can help students navigate their lives better.”

Alongside McGlashan, Dr. Randall Umstead, Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of the Division of Vocal Studies, and Associate Professor, Faculty Senate’s Chair Elect also shows character within the faculty.

June Campbell, assistant to associate dean Umstead for all Academic Affairs said Umstead’s work ethic within the School of Music as well as The Faculty Senate is the quintessential example of hard work. Campbell also said she has never worked with anyone better than Umstead in her 30 years of education.

“His character without thought is unquestionable. He really is an example for all of us to follow,” Campbell said. “He is very unique and very much a role model for students and faculty.”

As the legislative body of Baylor University, the Faculty Senate reviews and acts on matters that are referred by President Livingstone, the Provost and the individual academic departments and units.

Interim Provost Dr. Michael McLendon has been working with the faculty senators on proposing an Academic Strategic Plan and said their work and proposals are consistent with Pro Futuris, Baylor’s strategic vision for the university.

On Feb. 16, the draft of the Academic Strategic Plan will be presented to the Board of Regents and the Faculty Senators will have the opportunity to give their input.

In May, the Board of Regents will vote on the plan and implement the plan for five years.

Baylor released Faculty Senate’s Minutes on Nov. 14 including an interview with McLendon and his opinion on the plan.

“The benefits would cross both graduate and undergraduate education,” McLendon said.

With the relationship between the Faculty Senate and the Board of Regents established, both parties have goals to implement the Academic Strategic Plan as well as make Baylor University the best it can be academically and professionally. The Baylor Faculty Senate will have its first meeting of the 2018 year at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday in Truett 107. The Board of Regents will have a meeting on Friday 9:30 a.m. at the BRIC building.