Baylor launches new podcast to connect with the community

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor has launched a new podcast, called Baylor Connections, which will introduce the Waco community to Baylor professors and highlight some of the work going on within the university.

The podcast began in January with President Linda Livingstone as the first guest. She will be featured on Baylor Connections every month.

Derek Smith, senior marketing and communications specialist, announcer for McLane Stadium and Ferrell Center and host of Baylor Connections, said the podcast provides a great opportunity for the community to hear from experts and researchers about relevant issues.

“We can take a topic and really go in depth on it, and these are topics that, in a lot of ways, are of interest to the community beyond the Baylor campus,” Smith said.

Guests will come from all different areas of the university. Smith said it was difficult to choose guests for the show because there is so much important work going on at Baylor.

“We look for people who really advance the Baylor mission through what they’re doing,” Smith said. “Whether it’s spiritually, whether it’s in research, whether it’s in the community or whether it’s in Baylor’s role as a higher-ed leader around the world.”

Each new episode is thirty minutes long and is broadcast at 11 a.m. on Fridays on KWBU FM, Waco’s NPR station. The podcast is also available for streaming and download at