Jessie Scroggins approaches end of college career

Elisabeth Tharp | Sports Reporter

Jessie Scroggins is a senior communications major from Lakewood, Calif. Going into her final year at Baylor and on the softball team, Scroggins has had an amazing career. She started playing sports when she was very young, but committed to playing softball when she was in 7th grade.

Last season, Scroggins was the first outfielder in Big XII softball history to be named the league’s defensive player of the year.

When asked what team she is looking forward to playing the most this season Scroggins said, “All of them.”

“It’s my last year, so I got to soak it up while I can because it’s one last round and I’m done after that,” Scroggins said.

Mark Lumley, associate head coach for Baylor’s Softball team, has been coaching Scroggins since she joined the team her freshman year.

“She came in here as a freshman and made an impact,” Lumley said. “Then [she] won defensive player of the year last year as a junior. She is a great hitter [and] has a tremendous arm. I am really pleased.”

“This is her senior year and she is leading the team with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I’m excited for her,” Lumley said.

Baylor Softball’s team will have their first game here in Waco against Temple College at 5 p.m. this Thursday.