Colorful Kaleidoscope concert set to shine

By Joshua Bates | Reporter

The Baylor Choral Department will perform its first show of the season this Friday night at 5 p.m. for family weekend. The Kaleidoscope Choral Concert is a free event and will be held in the Jones Concert Hall in the McCrary Music Building. All choir ensembles in the department will perform with the exception of chamber choir.

Dr. Stephen Gusukuma, director of the Women’s Choir and VirtuOSO, the pop a cappella group on campus, said “what’s amazing about all of our ensembles is that we started rehearsals with the start of classes.” He made it clear that because of the student’s hard work and determination from the beginning of the semester, the concert will be remarkable and impressive.

“It’s a great chance to see the whole program from top to bottom,” said Dr. Gusukuma. “We offer one of the most well-rounded choral programs in the state.”

Chris Coley, a member of the Men’s Choir, spoke on the retreat taken by the men’s ensemble in preparation for Friday’s show. “I thought it went really well. We made a lot of progress in our music and had a lot of fun too.” On the retreat, the choir rehearsed at Valley Mills Baptist Church and worked different sections of their songs while also connecting as a group.

Looking forward to the concert, Coley said, “I think it’s cool to see that even though we’ve only been working together for three weeks, the music is already really powerful.”

Max Morgan, a member of the Concert Choir, said, “we’ve worked really hard on the music and the quality of the performance is going to be spectacular.”

As a freshman and new member, Morgan has been impressed with the attentiveness to detail within each song from his director, Dr. Lynne Gackle. “We spend a lot of time on each song individually. We’ll take bits and pieces and fix parts we have trouble with.”

The concert will be in the Jones Concert Hall in the McCrary Music Building, located on the northern end of campus and south of University Parks Drive. The doors will open roughly around 4:30 p.m. and seating is unassigned.