Moody Library receives $100,000 gift

Will Barksdale | Lariat Photographer Sophomore Mitchel Krause studies for his Christian Scriptures class.

By Pablo Gonzales | Assistant News Editor

Moody Memorial Library is getting a new addition.

In celebration of its 50th birthday during the fall of 2018, Moody Library will be receiving a new study area on the first floor.

Moody Library was constructed in 1967 with the help of the Moody Foundation. When it was built, Moody stood as the sole library on campus. Baylor later added the W.R. Poage and Jesse H. Jones libraries in 1979 and 1992 according to the University Libraries website.

The Moody Foundation, a philanthropic organization that gives grants to universities, hospitals, libraries and museums, granted Moody Library a $100,000 grant to add a new study area to the first floor reading area.

This new addition would provide a flexible learning area with tables that are mobile to promote group or self study. The space will be readily prepared with ample outlets for students to plug in their devices. There are also plans to add a reading room for quiet self-study directly adjacent to the main flexible learning area.

According to a Baylor media communications release, John S. Wilson, interim dean of University Libraries, said the decision is hoping to meet the long-time needs of the students.

“This gift will serve as a significant catalyst for our long-term plans to reimagine and renovate Moody’s first floor as we continue to meet the needs of our 21st century patrons,” Wilson said. “The Moody Foundation saw the importance of continuing to provide a high level of service to Baylor students, faculty and staff through innovative learning spaces, and we are excited to partner with them on this project.”

The first floor of Moody Library is the busiest due to the Starbucks in the foyer and the circulation desk in the book stack area. Beth Farwell, director of the Central Libraries said that the addition is much needed because of the high student traffic in this area, especially during testing periods and final exams.

“We are creating different spaces that meet the needs of the students we serve,” Farwell said. “Everyone learns and studies differently, so we are trying to create spaces that are conducive to the different types of study styles and levels of collaboration.”

The last major renovation to Moody Library was completed about ten years ago with the transition of the garden level from a book stack area to a study commons. The first, second and third levels have not received any major renovations since the opening of the library, making this new addition the first in the history of Moody Library.

“The most renovations that have been done in Moody Library have been on the garden level to create the study commons about ten years ago,” Farwell said. “Moody first, second and third floors look almost identical to how they looked when Moody opened in 1968. Beyond the garden level, this will be the first renovation that the other levels of the building has seen.”

Every day and night, students flock to Moody Library or “Club Moody,” as affectionately called by students, to study and prepare for their upcoming assignments and projects.

Leander senior Parth Amin said the new addition is a step in the right direction.

“I am excited for this new addition,” Amin said. “Every single Baylor bear walks through the doors of Moody at least once during their time here, so I think that it is great that Moody is adapting to provide us with a good place to study on campus.”