Wainright preps for football transition

Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

Former basketball player, Ishmail Wainright has transitioned over to play football for Baylor this coming season.

Tight-end coach, Joey McGuire said transitioning sports is like learning a second language and said Wainright hadn’t played football since the 9th grade.

“The concept of football he has, but he is needing work on the verbiage,” McGuire said. “It’s frustrating trying to learn a second language and that’s what he’s trying to do. He’s doing a phenomenal job and he’s a really.”

One of Wainright’s biggest adjustments has been the atmosphere as well as the fitness level.

“It’s a swimming pool,” Wainright said referring to the temperature on the field after practice.

Wainright said his coaches and teammates have been helping him with his transition.

“To be honest I sit and watch my teammates on film to learn from them,” Wainright said.

Many wonder how big of a difference dribbling a basketball compared to running a football really is.

“It’s a lot more physicaal — a little tougher and in the heat,” Wainright said.

This is not only a transition in sports but also a transition in teams and coaches.

“It’s a big brotherhood,” said Wainright of his relationship with the team.

Wainright will be making his season debut at 6 p.m. on September 2 at McLane Stadium. The team will be playing Liberty University.