BIC launches student publication, The Mug

Veronica Merideth, sophomore english major, wins the Mug contest at the Big Mug event

By Junpeng Zhang | Reporter

Students gathered together Friday night at Alexander Reading Hall to celebrate the kick-off party of The Mug, the student voice and official publication run by the BIC Leadership Council. At the event, there was a contest for best coffee mug and Lake Jackson sophomore Kaitlyn Havlik won the mug contest with her fancy camera lens mug.

“What we are doing tonight is having a board game night. We have it every year. It is a way to bring BIC kids who might haven’t already met, giving them opportunities to have fun, and play the board game they were growing up with,” Dallas junior Lee Shaw said.

Shaw who is the editor of The Mug has been working for The Mug for three years. He started to work for The Mug when he was a freshman.

“As a writer, it gives me a lot of opportunities to better my own writing, and to help my writers better their writings as well. And we have really great and talented staffs, so I feel really lucky,” Shaw said. “It used to be the Quick BIC, but we did a big re-brand, and we changed it to The Mug.”

Midlothian junior Candace Woolverton started to work for the BIC Leadership Council since her freshman year. Now she is the president of BIC Leadership Council.

“The Mug of The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core is part of the Honors College at Baylor University. So it gives our students chances to write either staff writers or multiple writers any areas they feel interested in,” Woolverton said. “For instance, we have sections for science students. We have different things for students travel abroad who want to write for abroad. Just give students the opportunities to see what they follow BIC students being interested in, and give them a chance to explore their writing abilities.”

The Mug kick-off party also featured a game night for BIC students.

BIC students play board games at The Mug kick-off party Friday in Alexander Reading Room. Photo credit: Dayday Wynn

“So the games we have tonight are just some kind of classic board games. Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Twisters, Ginger, just get people relaxed and have fun with their fellow BIC students,” Woolverton said. “Everyone gets to know everyone, and get everyone to know about The Mug, so we can have our leadership to be broader and get more BIC students involved.”

While talking about her favorite games, Woolverton said that she is a big ‘Apples to Apples’ fan, mainly because it teaches you a lot about people, kind of how they think.

Since both Shaw and Woolverton are in charge of their BIC Leadership Council committees individually, they are passionate about the event they held. The Mug is a way for BIC students to apply what they learn to their classes and their real lives. Shaw also said he thinks The Mug produces great content, which gives students opportunities to apply what they learn from the BIC to their lives.

“I got passionate about this organization and

journal relations. I really like working with prospective students, and this year I got to work more with all the committees because I am the president, I am not on any of the specific committees. So I have just really been passionate about building committees for BIC students, and welcoming the new BOC students to the BIC,” Woolverton said.

At last, Woolverton expressed her hope to students and encourage students to join the BIC Leadership Council.

“I think people should join the BIC Leadership Council as a way to serve their fellow BIC students. Like I said, it gives us opportunity to reach out professors who is connecting to students, and also to each other to get really strong BIC community, both inside and outside classroom,” Woolverton said. “After joining that, they will be good at organizational skills, and they will have really great ideas to come up with new ways to get students and professors involved. That’s always been our goals with all these events we do. It’s all about building a strong community.”

Students can search ‘The Mug’ on Facebook or visit the website here.

“We will keep posting new events and content up there as always,” Shaw said.