KXA worship night seeks to unite campus

A banner hangs above Vara Martin Daniel Plaza to announce the campuswide worship night taking place at 7 p.m. today in the SUB Bowl. Photo credit: Dayday Wynn

By Taliyah Clark | Reporter

Kappa Chi Alpha will host its annual Worship Night at 7 p.m. today in the SUB Bowl.

The worship night is free and open to all students. This year’s event will include prayer and worship led by Kappa Chi Alpha members and the special guest of the night, John McKay, a worship leader at Highland Baptist Church.

According to its website, Kappa Chi Alpha (KXA) began in 1990 at Baylor as a non-denominational sorority for Christian women. The sorority chose the Greek letters KXA to mean “Keeping Christ First.”

Each year, KXA members participate in numerous service events such as picking up trash off of Texas highways, volunteering with Mission Waco and hosting the worship night.

Members of KXA look forward to seeing people come out and participate in the worship night, including Beverly Hills, Mich., senior Michelle Hockenbrocht, KXA vice president.

“People should come out to campuswide worship because it is a great time to reflect on what’s important and have a night of worship as a Baylor community,” Hockenbrocht said. “This event is also an opportunity to meet and get to know students from different organizations and classifications.”

Hardin, Mont., junior Charity Ratliff, a member of KXA, helped plan the worship night and sees the event as a time for rest and reflection.

“One of the best things about planning worship night is knowing that it is not just a KXA event but an event for the whole school,” Ratliff said. “We don’t want it to be about KXA but about community and coming together to reflect and focus on Jesus for a night.”

Baton Rouge, La., junior Rosemary Watson, KXA chaplin, looks forward to worship night and hopes students enjoys it.

“I really enjoy KXA worship night because it was one of the first places I learned about KXA,” Watson said. “I also love this night because it not only shows people who we are but what we are about. We really like to think of this event as a time of rest for students. It’s not a super long service, but it is a chance for students to come and take a break and worship with the Lord for a little while.”