Baylor accepts nominations for alumni-elected regent

Photo credit: Liesje Powers

By Kalyn Story | Staff Writer

The nomination period for Baylor’s alumni-elected regent position on Baylor’s Board of Regents is now open.

On March 8, Baylor and the Baylor Alumni Association announced an agreement that included the addition of three alumni-elected members to the Board of Regents. The first three regents were agreed upon by both parties and appointed to the Board in June 2016. As part of the agreement those regents would serve a one-, two- and three-year term, as opposed to the standard three-year term.

“Over the past four years, the Baylor Board of Regents has expanded its membership by including a representative from the Baylor Bear Foundation and the Baylor ‘B’ Association, two student regents and a faculty regent. This diversity of perspectives has enhanced our conversations on a variety of topics. The majority of regents are also alumni, and we value that distinct perspective and look forward to welcoming these alumni-elected regents to the work of the university,” said Richard Willis, class of ’81 and former chair of the Baylor Board of Regents, in a press release from Baylor in March.

On May 13, the Board of Regents announced that the agreed upon alumni regents would be Daniel H. Chapman, Wayne Fisher and Julie Hermansen Turner. Through a random selection process, it was decided that Turner would serve the one-year term, Fisher the two-year term and Chapman the three-year term.

This nomination is for the first alumni-elected regent to replace Turner, the one-year appointee.

“The Board warmly welcomes these accomplished and dedicated Baylor alumni to the Board,” Willis said in a press release on May 13 announcing the appointed and elected regents. “We look forward to their valuable perspectives, as well as those of our re-elected and BGCT-appointed regents and our student, faculty and alumni regents. We deeply appreciate their generous commitment of time and talents to help Baylor University flourish in its mission of academic excellence grounded in Christian commitment.”

Any Baylor alumni may nominate a fellow alumnus with the support of at least 50 signatures from other Baylor graduates.

“The Board of Regents has benefited greatly from membership that includes the first appointed alumni-elected regents, as well as a faculty regent, two student regents, BGCT-appointed board members and representatives from the Bear Foundation and Baylor ‘B’ Association,” Ronald D. Murff, chair of the Baylor Board of Regents, said. “All board members are volunteers, giving of their time, diverse perspectives and expertise to support the mission of Baylor University. We are pleased Baylor alumni will be able to participate in an election process that will deepen their involvement in the important work of the university.”

An email sent out by Baylor yesterday said nominees must be alumni committed to Christian values and a member of a local or Baptist church.

Other qualifications and requirements can be found on Baylor’s website.

The Board will be accepting nominations through Nov. 30th.