“Bike Boy” William Harkness and his cross-campus antics

By Katie Mahaffey | Broadcast Reporter

He rides around campus on an old bike with spoons attached to it, wearing bandana pants he made himself. Dallas senior William Harkness knows that he attracts attention with his unusual appearance, impressive biking abilities and funky music.

“Uh, well, I’m a super star and that’s just how it is. But you know, the attention is cool and all but people don’t really get a chance to know me. It’s all good though,” Harkness said.

He says he is a conservative Christian who is well-rounded and likes to “flash, sparkle, and shine like a star.”

He hopes to create his own clothing line called “Hark-daddy” where bandanas are the staple fabric. He has already started creating clothing on a Hello Kitty sewing machine at his Grandma’s house.

Harkness wants to travel to Asia and Europe to become a star and “spread the love.”

“I’m really just doing my own thing. This is what I do. This is how I have fun,” Harkness said.

Harkness has been biking since he was two years old. The bike that he currently rides was given to him for free by a friend who got “put away.”

“He’s always pretty impressive with his bike skills. Honestly, I strive to be as good on my bike as bike boy is and he has good music taste. Very trendsetting with his clothes,” Roátan, Honduras sophomore Jackie Wittry said.