Cashion Academic Center reopens with new facilities

By Jacquelyn Kellar | Broadcast Managing Editor

After a full academic year of renovations, the Cashion Academic Center, the new home to the Speech Pathology Department, is now open for classes. The building reopened August 22 for the beginning of classes and will begin clinic appointments again on September 6.

The entire inside of the building was gutted and refinished, thanks to a generous, anonymous gift of $10 million. The facilities include new rooms for clinic appointments furnished with all of the necessities ranging from educational toys for children all the way up to top of the line technology and equipment.

Due to the growing number of students pursuing a career in speech pathology, the transfer from Neill Morris Hall to Cashion is just what the program needed.

“Baylor University was amazing about making space for us,” Clinical Coordinator Deborah Rainer said. “This is just a dream come true.”

Despite the shiny new building with all the bells and whistles, Interim Department Chair Michaela Ritter is just excited to be able to reach and help more people.

“In our field, we are serving people and administering to them,” said Ritter. “We are so thankful that we are able to bring our faith and Christianity into everything that we do.”