Welcome Week 2016 closes with worship service

Jacquelyn Kellar | Broadcast Managing Editor

Baylor University brought its Welcome Week celebration to a close Sunday evening, welcoming thousands of young freshmen with worship and song.

The service was held in the Ferrell Center, where less than 24 hours before the group had been dancing, mingling and eating pizza at the safari themed Big Event. This time, the tone was much different.

“First and foremost, we want them to see that at the heart of what Baylor is all about is a deep connection to God,” said University Chaplain Dr. Burt Burleson. “So we are framing this very important night with worship.”

Dr. Ryan Richardson led the musical side of the service, performing with several other musicians to unify the freshmen. He picks a different song for each class every year — an anthem that serves to bond them in their years at Baylor.

“One of the things that came to mind was, what if we created something unique just for those students who came into the university at the same time?” Richardson said. “What if they sang words and melody that was unique to them? Wouldn’t that bind them together as a people?”

One of the goals of the service is to make the students feel completely comfortable in this new place they find themselves. For Northfield, Minn. freshman Dan Langehough, the service was a success.

“I thought it was calm and tranquil and brought a lot of peace,” said Langehough. “I felt a strong connection with the rest of my class.”