Food trucks cater to Waco community

Co-town Crepes has two locations, at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market and behind Magnolia Market Silos. Photo Credit: Timothy Hong | Lariat Photographer

By Rachel Mower | Staff Writer

Food trucks have become a staple in the Waco community in recent years. Waco suffers from no shortage of high quality food tucks from Xristo’s authentic Greek gyros to Cheddar Box’s rich grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cheddar Box

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect grilled cheese,Cheddar Box is the place for you. Abby Rose, the owner of Cheddar Box, has always been passionate about perfecting the grilled cheese sandwich.

“I have been in love with grilled cheese sandwiches since I was a little kid. I spent my summers going to my grandma’s house in Alabama, and we would always eat grilled cheeses there,” Rose said. “I have always wanted to start a business, and I love grilled cheese sandwiches. I guess those two worlds just collided.”

Cheddar Box is stationed at Magnolia Market and can also be found at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market. They also have creamy tomato basil soup and macaroni and cheese, along with their variety of delicious sandwiches. Rose mentioned that The Boss is their most popular sandwich, which has bacon, Gouda cheese, and basil on fresh sourdough bread.

Milo Biscuit Company

Milo is known for serving biscuit sandwiches.

On most days, it is located behind Heritage Creamery, but it can also be found stationed at Magnolia Market. The chef and owner, Corey McEntyre, said he grew up eating biscuits made from his family’s special recipe.

“I tried to figure out how to replicate the family recipe, and I finally found the perfect copy of it,” McEntyre said. “The rolls are made from scratch, and the ingredients are local and seasonal.”

Their top seller right now is the Sic ‘em on a Chicken, which is made with sweet tea, fried chicken, sorghum chile drizzle and house-made pickles.


Co-town Crepes

Co-town Crepes opened a food stand four-and-a-half years ago at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market. They have been extremely popular in the community, and because of their success, they were able to expand and open another food truck at the Magnolia Market Silos.

Co-town Crepes has all types of crepes. They have savory crepes such as the Jalepeño Popper and the Turkey & Pesto, as well as a great selection of dessert crepes such as the Banana Nutella and Blackberry Cream Cheese. Their most popular crepe is the Club, which is made with bacon, smoked turkey, avocado and a few other ingredients.

“We love getting to know people and especially enjoy being a part of the Waco community,” said Co-town crepe’s owner and operator Courtney Rogers.


Xristo’s Cafe

Forget the trip to Greece; Xristo’s Cafe food truck can satisfy your cravings. Xristo’s is located at 200 South University Parks Drive and serves Mediterranean and Southern cuisine. Xristo’s Cafe offers a wide variety of Greek food such as falafels, lamb chops and countless gyro options.

“Most people don’t know you can add almost anything to your gyro for just a dollar more,” said Sophia Garman, one of the owners of Xristo’s Cafe.

They also offer southern cuisines as well such as gravy and cheese fries made with steak gravy and mozzarella cheese.


Mrs. Thompson’s Most Wonderful Cupcakes

If you have a sweet tooth and are in pursuit of a food truck that specializes in desserts, Mrs. Thompson’s Most Wonderful Cupcakes fits the bill perfectly. Located at 200 South University Parks Drive, this cupcake food truck serves gourmet cupcakes to the Waco area.

This cupcake food truck is certainly creative when it comes to flavors. They often feature new and exciting flavors, such as a Sour Patch Kids cupcake. They also offer other flavors such as wedding cake, cookie dough, Almond Joy and even red velvet.