Floyd Casey Stadium Implosion

By Liesje Powers | Lariat Photo Editor

The last remaining structure of Floyd Casey Stadium was imploded at 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 14.

Public access was denied during the operation, and warnings were given at both five and one minute prior to the implosion. A number of locals watched from nearby parking lots.

The implosion had been a planned part of the demolition since early March, according to Vice President John Satterwhite of the demolition company, Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition.

The stadium, which was home of the Baylor football team for over 60 years, has been under deconstruction since January, when the project was originally set to end. A six-month extension was granted by the city after a request by Baylor.

The stadium is being torn down in order to fulfill the $35 million Tax Increment Financing (TIF) grant given to Baylor for the building of McLane Stadium. The city of Waco agreed to finance the project with the promise of use of the land where Floyd Casey currently stands.

According to the agreement, the Floyd Casey Stadium either had to be torn down or another use for it had to be found that was of equal value to the city of Waco.

Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition led the charge on the deconstruction. Following this process, the structure was systematically taken apart. The group worked to tear down the stadium and remove concrete throughout the semester

The demolition will cost about $3 million in total, according to spokeswoman Lori Fogleman.

Baylor received a five acre plot of land for the deconstruction of the stadium in November 2015. A proposal has been sent to the city of Waco requesting the creation of a sports medicine and exercise science building at the corner of Interstate 35 and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Those involved were hopeful for a working contract as early as January, but any word from the city has yet to be made public.