Student government election results are in

Reporter: Sawyer Smith

The results are in. New Student Government officials and class leaders have been elected for 2016. Over the course of two days, students voted online for candidates and turnout was high with thousands participating in the electoral process.

-Lindsey Bacque received 2,295 of 3,119 total votes, or 73.58% of all votes, cast for Student Body President.

-Amye Dickerson received 1,781 of 3,036 total votes, or 58.66% of all votes cast for External Vice President.

-Joel Polvado, running unopposed, received 2,753 of 2,852 total votes, or 96.53% of all votes cast for Internal Vice President.

-Danielle Cooper was elected as Permanent Class President receiving 299 of 320 total votes.

-Daniel Pellegrin was elected Permanent Class Secretary-Treasurer receiving 302 of 316 total votes.

-Maddy Stotlemyer was elected Senior Class President receiving 390 of 552 total votes.

-Turquoise Early, was elected Senior Class Vice President receiving 485 of 533 total votes.

-Joseph Marrow was elected Junior Class President receiving 681 of 768 total votes.

-Hallie Hillebrand was elected Junior Class Vice President receiving 407 of 749 total votes.

-Hunter Smiley was elected Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer receiving 716 of 756 total votes.

-Grant Wilkie was elected Sophomore Class President receiving 1,139 of 1,203 total votes.

-Austin Allaire was elected Sophomore Class Vice President receiving 501 of 1,182 total votes.

-Joseph Mohan was elected Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer receiving 88 of 549 total votes.

-Rel Cooper, Larry ‘LB’ Brandon II, Walker Schmidt, Christopher Seals, Rocky Katch, Paul Klekafer, and Trevor Thompson were all elected as the 2016 Senior Senate.

-Caleb White, Ryder McCool, Jenna Joos, J.T. Grant, Austin Dobbs, William Folger, Dane Risinger, Amaan Sheikh, Caleb Scarbrough, Marcus Maurer, John Ryan Isaacson, Charles B. Mooney, and Will Gober were all elected as the 2016 Junior Senate.

-Hannah Causey, Reed Glass, Paige Hardy, Troy Dixon, Bailey Dahl, Eleanor Watts, Emma Beaird, Cali Cox, Elizabeth Larson, Davis Morgan, Katherine Robbins, Nolan Chumbley, and Lauren Strickland were all elected as the 2016 Sophomore Senate.

Student Body Officers and all newly elected positions are to be sworn in by the Student Senate on April 28th. Current student officials intend to serve until June 1st and then new terms begin.

Student Body President – Elect, Lindsey Bacque responded to her victory saying, “I am honored to have been chosen by Baylor students. God has put me in an incredible place to do His will, and it is through this lens that I hope to lead the Student Body.”

Student Body External Vice President – Elect, Amye Dickerson responded this away about how she intends to move forward with her new role, “I think the first step is continuing to formulate relationships with Baylor administration and local officials. I am so humbled by all of the support that this university has shown me, and I cannot wait to serve it in this capacity!”

Student Body Internal Vice President – Elect, Joel Polvado says, “I am so appreciative of all the support and am blessed to have been afforded this opportunity. We have so much planned that we hope to accomplish and I, personally, cannot wait to get to work.”