Baylor police officers awarded for efforts

Three Baylor police officers were presented with honorary commendation awards at the Waco Police Department’s quarterly award ceremony.

Officer Justin Swanson, Lieutenant Greg Perkins and Officer Travis Tews were presented the awards Thursday afternoon for assisting Waco Police Officers’ capture of suspects involved in a robbery involving multiple U-Haul trucks.

“It means quite a bit to me, it lets me know and the department know that we are doing what we need to do and what we are asked and desired to do,” Perkin said. “It’s kind of hard to explain because I’m kind of excited about the fact that they took the time to recognize us for something that we saw as so minor and they saw as well enough to recognize us.”

On Dec. 1, 2015, Waco officers responded to a robbery in progress and followed two suspects in a vehicle as they got onto Interstate 35. The suspects exited northbound onto Fourth and Fifth Streets check toward Baylor University campus. Waco Police alerted Baylor Police as the suspects drove onto campus.

As the road turned into a parking lot the suspects fled the vehicle on foot onto Baylor campus. Waco police relayed the direction of travel and description of the suspects to dispatch. Baylor police were able to locate and detain the suspects until Waco police took them into custody.

The suspects were charged for theft of property over $5,000 and theft of a U-Haul truck worth $45,000.

Several U-Haul trucks were stolen from different locations around Waco. There were four different crime scenes.

Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman commended the whole Baylor police department on the way that it works with other units in McLennan County. He said departments working together like the Waco and Baylor Police departments doesn’t happen in most places in Texas or even in the United States.

“I appreciate Baylor University working with us on the streets. I appreciate the chief working with us on the executive level,” Stroman said.

The Waco police officers who responded to this robbery also received a meritorious unit award.

Baylor Police Chief Brad Wigtil said he appreciates the Waco Police Department for recognizing the efforts of the Baylor police officers.

“I think we are very fortunate at Baylor University to have such a great relationship with the city of Waco police department, because us working together helps keep the Waco community, as well as the Baylor community, safe,” Wigtil said.