Discussion aims to address racial issues

The Racial Reconciliation is happening at [time] on April 1 at the Bobo Spritual Life Center.

There will be a discussion Friday on what it means to pursue racial reconciliation.

In a collaboration among Asian Ministries InterVarsity, FaceTime with God InterVarsity, Unite InterVarsity and campus diversity committee, the event will take place at 7 p.m. Friday at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center.

The event will include video clips about racism and testimonies from students about their experiences with racism. The discussion will start with a lecture from Dr. Jonathan Tran, associate professor of from the sociology.

Tran initially declined the invitation to speak because of his schedule, but when the organizations asked him again he said he took that as a sign he should speak. He said the issue is very important to him and he feels that people at Baylor are in “positions to offer an incredible picture of reconciliation” so he felt obligated to speak to that.

Tran said his speech will begin with a powerful clip about racism and its challenges. He said he will suggest that Christians are both highly complicit in racism and well-positioned to offer examples of reconciliation.

“Students will find themselves challenged to think about how race and racism creates serious difficulties for our society and for us here at Baylor,” Tran said. “They will also be encouraged to see the good news of Christianity in what God is doing to reconcile us to one another.”

Racial reconciliation is when people who have many reasons to hate, fear and avoid each other find a solution and come together and even become friends, Tran said.

InterVarsity is a national college campus ministry. The ministry strives to study scripture and grow in faith and community.

“To foster a culture in which students mature holistically and work to advance God’s purposes at Baylor, in the Waco community and in the world,” states Unite InterVarsity’s purpose on the Baylor Multicultural Affairs website.

Emily Millican is Unite Intervarsity’s Communications Coordinator. She said she wants the campus to see that this is what happens when three different ethnic organizations get together.

“We chose to bring this event to campus because Baylor has a need to be reconciled across racial lines,” Millican said. “We have heard testimonies of how race influences students’ experience at Baylor.”

The event is free to anyone who wants to come and there will be free pizza as well.