Student robbed at gunpoint

A Baylor student was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday evening after a Craigslist deal got heated.

Waco senior Daniel Rager said he tried to sell an old phone to two men when they both brandished handguns. They demanded from him his wallet, as well as other electronics Rager had in the trunk of his car. After complying and handing over a broken PlayStation 2 and the phone he was trying to sell, Ranger pulled out his own handgun he had stored in the trunk.

Rager said the men fled, and as they rounded the corner of a house, one of the men fired at him.

Nobody was injured, but the bullet did find its way into the passenger door of Rager’s car.

“I didn’t want to pull the trigger,” Ranger said — hoping to only ward the men off.

Rager and the men originally agreed to meet up at Oakwood Park. The men said they would need Rager to drive them to their house on Ewing Ave. for them to get more money. It was upon arrival when the guns were pulled.

The men also took an iPad that was in the back of Rager’s car, which was not for sale.

Waco Police have not identified the suspects.