Baylor Fitness hosts health seminar

Photo credit: Trey Honeycutt

Baylor Fitness will hold the Eat Right, Lift Strong seminar at 5:30 p.m. today at 308 McLane Student Life Center. All Baylor students, faculty and staff are invited to attend the free event.

The seminar is a way to give students and staff the opportunity to learn more about the services that the SLC offers.

With the holidays coming up, the Peer Nutrition Educators (P&E) and personal trainers have decided to host a seminar to provide tips and give information on healthy eating and exercising correctly.

“The students will be leaving the seminar with several tips: how to eat better, exercise healthier,” said Van Davis, assistant director for fitness and nutrition education. “And the important thing is that, in each segment, we are going to include healthy tips for the upcoming holidays like eating healthily and stayng fit during the holidays.”

Students and staff can expect a wide variety of topics at the seminar, such as how to get back on track if they don’t exercise over the break, pre and post-workout nutrition and the proper usage of supplements.

“I’ve been a personal trainer at the SLC for the past four years, and we wanted our student body to be as educated as they can be when it comes to eating and training,” said Robinson senior Bilal “Bill” Siddiq, a personal trainer at the SLC.

Siddiq will focus on warm-up and cool-down stretches, which seem simple but are often done incorrectly. He said people should do dynamic stretches before a workout and static stretches after. Siddiq will demonstrate these stretches at the seminar.

Davis is really excited about the seminar and hopes that people will gain new information to continue with a healthy life.

“I’m hoping that when people leave this presentation, first, they are more aware that we [the SLC] have great personal trainers who are nationally certified, and, secondly, we have great P&E staff,” Davis said.

People should RSVP at to secure a spot in the seminar.