Sales and marketing event for students

By Jenn Webster, Reporter

The Baylor University business Professional Development Program is hosting First Wednesday, an event for students at 5 p.m. today in Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation Room 250.

First Wednesday is open to students in any discipline. However those interested in pursuing a career in marketing and market research are highly encouraged to attend. Fulton, Mo., junior Stephen Lester said this will be a time for them to learn more about what market research entails.

“It’s a deep look at an industry that touches everyone’s lives. The market research industry influences everyone,” said Dr. Andrea Dixon, executive director of the Center for Professional Selling and Keller Center for Research.

There will be five individuals speaking at the event from three different companies, including Research Now, Decision Analyst and Active Sales Intelligence.

These companies, along with many others, are part of a group called CASRO: Council of American Survey Research Organizations.

CASRO is the Voice and Values of the market research industry, according to the organization’s website. Lester described it as a group of various companies that perform research.

The representatives from each company hold various positions, Lester said, and they will be able to speak about their personal experiences in the workforce.

“They’re going to be talking about what a career in market research looks like, how their companies differ and how their goals differ. This will give students insight into how they might fit in market research,” Dixon said.

Lester emphasized that this is a great networking opportunity since there will be multiple speakers from a variety of companies. He said this event is a way to show students there are plenty of opportunities for growth. Students will gain a better understanding of the different fields within marketing by attending this event.

After the speakers are finished, they will participate in a panel discussion. An individual will pose questions to the panel and each of the speakers will offer insight. The audience will then have the opportunity to ask questions.

Following the event, there will be a meet and greet from 6 to 7 p.m. where students can interact with the speakers in a more informal setting.

“Students will have the ability to get face time to talk with the speakers and ask personal questions,” Lester said.

Business casual dress is required for the event. Lester said students should treat this like a career fair. Students are encouraged to arrive about 10 minutes early because the seats will fill up quickly.