The job fair-y: Business school to host more than 60 companies at networking event

The Baylor University Business Professional Development Program is hosting a Marketing and Professional Selling Career Fair at 4 p.m. today in Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation 250. Students in all disciplines in the business school are eligible to attend.

More than 61 companies will be featured at the event, and each company has committed to bringing at least two representatives, said Dr. Andrea Dixon, executive director of the Center for Professional Selling and Keller Center for Research. A list of these companies can be found on Baylor’s Professional Development Program website.

This gives the students looking for an internship or a job the chance to speak to company representatives and ask any questions they may have. Students who may only be interested in seeking general information can have their questions answered as well.

Business professional dress is required for this event, and students will be asked to leave if they fail to comply. All company representatives will be dressed in business attire. Dixon emphasized the importance of students practicing this before they go to work in the real world.

All students must bring their Baylor ID card to swipe in for attendance. Students should also come prepared with copies of their printed resumes in hand. Students should give the individuals representing the companies as many ways to be remembered as possible, and handing out a resume is an excellent way to do that, Dixon said.

“The career fair is a great opportunity for students to meet people,” said Dallas junior Austin Newberry. “In the past, students have gotten internships from these events.”

While this is a great way for students to find an internship, there is no guarantee they will get one. Attending the event, however, is a way to make connections and open the door to future job opportunities, Newberry said.

Dixon said students will benefit from going to the career fair by having practice engaging with executives.

“Students need to learn how to engage with people in the business world and practice talking about themselves,” Dixon said. “The career fair is a great opportunity to get that practice in an easy setting.”