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Fall 2014 Baylor Lariat Staff
Fall 2014 Baylor Lariat Staff

Reality TV shows generally feature a cast of people who do interesting things. Typically unscripted (for the most part), these shows portray people who perhaps weren’t widely known before the show premiered.

Of course, there are several pitfalls to watching so-called reality TV. Some scenes, while unscripted, are planned. Some circumstances in the shows are also tweaked to send messages other than the truth. This means reality TV isn’t really, well … all real.

This isn’t a new concept. However, The Lariat took the idea of reality TV and made it its own. We decided to tell real –unscripted – stories based on reality TV shows. As you flip through the following pages, take time to listen to each story. Whether popular myths on campus are busted or a group of students plans to sing their way to the top in an a cappella competition, the stories are based on actual events and people without the frills of dramatic television.

It could be that the concept of reality TV isn’t so far from reality. Make yourself comfortable and explore the channels in this special section. You may just find yourself liking a new type of reality TV.

That’s a wrap.