Blog: 15 contrasts between freshman and senior year

By Ada Zhang
Lariat blogger

Being a senior is weird. It’s not bad, it’s not good — it’s just weird. I came to Baylor with a motivated and enthusiastic spirit, ready to tackle papers and tests with vivacity. But now, four years later, all I want to do is eat cheese, watch chick-flicks and not think about having to apply for jobs soon. Be warned, freshman: Senioritis is real.
In the list below, I focus on various aspects of college life and how my conceptions of them have shifted throughout the years. Comparing Freshman Ada to Senior Ada, I hope to show just how different the two really are.
My attitude has changed in regards to…

#1 The Size of Campus
Freshman Ada: This place is HUGE!
Senior Ada: Can this place be any smaller.

#2 My Own Self-worth
Freshman Ada: There are so many people here. I feel insignificant…
Senior Ada: In a sea of plebeians, I am Beyoncé. Out of my way please. *flips hair*

#3 Prioritizing Extra-curricular Activities
Freshman Ada: Sign me up for every student association!
Senior Ada: Netflix is my life. Ain’t nobody got time for anything else.

#4 The Purpose of Moody Library
Freshman Ada: What a great place to study!
Senior Ada: What a great place to socialize and freeze to death!

#5 When to do Homework
Freshman Ada: I’ll complete my work the day it’s assigned!
Senior Ada: I’ll do homework the morning of, and if it isn’t all done by then, I’ll just do it between passing periods and hope for the best.

#6 Working With Others in Group Projects
Freshman Ada: I can’t wait to make new friends!
Senior Ada: I really can’t handle any more disappointments…

#7 Completing My Honors Thesis
Freshman Ada: When do I begin my research?! When will I get to unveil my genius to the scholarly community?! Will I be published in a journal?! I JUST LOVE THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE AND CONTRIBUTING TO ACADEMIA!!!!!!
Senior Ada: Right, I still have to do that…

#8 Starting My Career
Freshman Ada: Still just testing out the waters, seeing what I like and what I don’t like. I’ve still got time!
Senior Ada: I’m so screwed.

#9 My Overbearing Parents
Freshman Ada: What a relief to be away from them. I feel like I can finally breathe.
Senior Ada: Please still love me and let me live in your house if flipping omelets is the only job I find after graduation.

#10 Boys
Freshman Ada: I NEED a boyfriend.
Senior Ada: I NEED a dog.

#11 Studying for Tests
Freshman Ada: Test next Friday? Over the weekend, I’ll outline every chapter and make flashcards for all major concepts!
Senior Ada: What day of the week is it today? When is the test? Who am I?

#12 Getting Sleep
Freshman Ada: Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee. STAY AWAKE. YOU HAVE A PAPER TO WRITE.
Senior Ada: Goodnight.

#13 Caring About My Appearance
Freshman Ada: Waking up a couple hours before class gives me time to choose a cute outfit and put on makeup!
Senior Ada: Pants are important. Don’t forget pants.

#14 Being a Senior
Freshman Ada: I can’t wait!
Senior Ada: Ugh.

But my attitude has stayed the same in regards to one thing:

#15 Attending Baylor University
Freshman Ada: I love it here.
Senior Ada: Still love it here.