McLane Stadium boasts Baylor Club, luxury amenities for fans

Skye Duncan | Lariat Photographer
Skye Duncan | Lariat Photographer

Abigail Loop
Staff Writer

Members of the Baylor and Waco professional community will experience Baylor football like never before from their newly revealed luxury suites.

ClubCorp, a leader in private club management and operations, gave the Baylor Club board of governors a preview Tuesday evening at McLane Stadium of numerous amenities they can expect this year.

Baylor Club, an private association for alumni and faculty, will give members the opportunity to dine in a formal living room, host events in a large ballroom and even have private calls and interviews in technology equipped ‘Touchdown Rooms’.

With chairs engraved with “That Good Ole Baylor Line,” and 40 foot ceilings in the ballroom, attendees of the event could be seen admiring the view of the club and test tasting gourmet food that will be offered as one of the many amenities in the lounge.

Members can dine and watch the game from the lounge as well, where the field can be seen through large windows overlooking the whole stadium.

Evie Callaway, member relations director for the Baylor Club, said to join this club, members must be invited or sponsored by other members or go to to apply online.

“Right now, the club has 1,036 members,” Callaway said. “This far exceeded our expectations; we’re very happy.”

The club’s amenities and view of Waco are open to club members year-round.

“This is supposed to be a home away from home,” Callaway said. “This club will not only be opened on game days, but 365 days a year.”

The club is expected to host weddings and galas as well as provide weekly lunches and dinners throughout the year, Callaway said.

Brandon Millares, general manager with ClubCorp, said the stadium was built to bridge the gap between the Waco and Baylor communities and with Baylor Club, they will be able to meet this goal.

“It’s going to be a lively atmosphere, especially on game day,” Millares said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement.”

Millares, who has worked with other stadiums in the past, said McLane and its amenities are one of the best he has seen.

“They don’t build stadiums like this everyday,” Millares said. “It’s the most technologically advanced and such a well thought out space.”

Kathy O’Neal, senior vice president for member experience with ClubCorp, said although the club’s ‘technologically advanced’ features will be appreciated on game day, the club is much more than a seasonal spot for athletic events.

“We’re taking this way past game day,” O’Neal said. “We want to find out our members’ interests and have this be all about programming.”

O’Neal said she agreed with Millares that not only is this an opportunity for building the Baylor community, but including the Waco community in a new way.

“We want to reach out to the Waco community,” O’Neal said. “Gathering together all our new members will be very exciting.”