Ghoulish and Guiltless: Halloween snacks for the health conscious

Haley Davis | Reporter
Haley Davis | Reporter
By Haley Davis

The first thought that comes to many people’s mind when thinking of Halloween is candy. We have all done it. Eat piles and piles of candy and later regretted it.

People love Halloween and all the yummy treats, but many feel so unhealthy afterward.

Who says the treat can’t be healthy? Here are some Halloween treats that you can enjoy without all the guilt.

Make some homemade ghosts and pumpkins out of fruit.

The ghosts are made out of bananas. Take a banana, peel it and then cut it in half. Then use chocolate chips as the eyes and the mouth. These friendly ghosts are both healthy and delicious.

The pumpkins are made out of clementines and celery. Peel the clementine but leave it in its original shape. Then take a piece of celery into small pieces to make the steam of the pumpkin. These pumpkins have both something fruity with a crunch of a vegetable.

The healthiest part of a pumpkin is its seeds. One of the world’s healthiest foods can be eaten in so many ways. They are full of the mineral zinc. Eat them raw or roast them in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

There is the timeless Halloween game, bobbing for apples.

Sliced apples are a great healthy alternative to candy. To make a plain apple a little sweeter, dip it in dark chocolate or sugar-free caramel. Both of these toping are sweet, but don’t add a ton of calories.

I love making baked cinnamon apple chips to help give regular apples a Fall feel while eating healthy,” Houston senior Lauren Smith said.

Make a spooky popcorn hand. Take a plastic glove and put a piece of candy corn in the tip each finger to make a finger nail. Then fill the glove with plain popcorn.

Don’t add butter or extra salt so the snack stays lighter. Candy corn is also gluten free, so it is a sweet treat without the belly ache.

“I am gluten free, so popcorn hands allow me to snack while staying in the Halloween spirit, California sophomore Danizta Romero said.

But if you have still have a sweet tooth and want some candy, remember everything is OK in moderation. Most fun size candy bars are less than 100 calories, so eating a couple won’t tip the scale.

It is possible to have Halloween treats and stick to a healthy lifestyle. Get creative. Make things homemade. Get into the Halloween spirit.