Student government passes water bill

By Dan Henson

Student government passed a bill during it’s weekly meeting Thursday to add five more water bottle refill stations to three buildings on campus.

Senior campus improvements and affairs chair Nick Pokorny explained the bill’s specifics in its second reading before the Student Senate.

“There are currently two water bottle refill stations on campus,” Pokorny said.

One is in the Bill Daniel Student Center and the other is in Moody Memorial Library.

Both of these refilling stations have seen a substantial amount of use from students, as the Lariat previously reported.

Pokorny’s bill would appropriate $5,328.75 from the Student Government Allocation Fund to purchase five more water bottle refill stations.

Three of these stations would be placed around the McLane Student Life Center. One station would be placed in Moody Memorial Library and another would be placed in Jones Library.

“We are promoting student hydration,” Pokorny said.

Pokorny also said they do have plans to add more water bottle refilling stations in Baylor’s academic buildings over time.

All 36 members present at the Student Senate meeting voted in favor of the bill.

Student government is also looking into a comprehensive tobacco ban on campus. This bill would ban the use of any form of tobacco on campus.

“If you can smoke it, you can’t do it on campus,” Pokorny said.

This bill is currently scheduled to be voted on by the Student Senate at it’s weekly meeting on Feb. 28.

Student government also unanimously confirmed both Houston senior Michelle Singleton as a Student Senator and McKinney senior Kristen Eastland as student government’s graphic designer.