Student Government kicks off first meeting of spring

Colorado Springs, Colo. junior Katie Coast and Fremont, Calif. freshman Andrea Hannah are sworn into senior Vice President Briana Treadway’s cabinet Thursday at the first senate meeting of the spring semester. Brooke Bailey| Reporter


By Brooke Bailey

Student Government set goals to pass more bills this year at their first Senate meeting last Thursday.

Colorado Springs, Colo. sophomore Chaplain Meagan Rowell encouraged Senate members to start the year off with patience. Rowell reminded Senators to listen and be slow to anger using James 1:19 as a guidepost.

“There is a whole whiteboard of ideas,” said Arlington sophomore Dominic Edwards. Edwards is the public relations chair.

Issues the senate will examine this year include upcoming legislation concerning the adoption of a plus/minus grading scale.

Big Sandy senior Miriam Hobma said research suggests Baylor’s current grading system depreciates its ranking academically in comparison with other schools. Hobma serves as the Senate’s Operations and Procedures Chair.

Baylor’s grading scale is strictly a plus system, whereas most schools have adopted a plus and minus system. Grades like B-minus and C-minus would be assigned to students.
The A minus-grade option decreases inflation in grades and is believed to accurately represent a student’s academic standing.

The Senate will vote on the bill proposed by the Academic Affairs Committee 5 p.m., Thursday at Cashion 203 at the weekly meeting.

The empty seats on the Senate floor were addressed Thursday evening as well. The Senate consists of 52 representatives, and six spots remain open.

Houston senior Internal Vice President Brian Kim encouraged Senate members to recruit individuals who would be good for the positions. Hobma said filling these positions was a top priority.

Applications close today, and interviews to fill these positions will be taking place soon.

In light of the vacancies, three members were sworn in to Senate positions last Thursday. Lewisville senior Nick Norris took his place as Chief Justice, and Colorado Springs, Colo. junior Katie Coast and Fremont, Calif. freshman Andrea Hanna joined senior Vice President Briana Treadaway’s cabinet. Treadaway said Coast and Hanna are both excited about working in the VP cabinet.

Edwards encouraged students to attend Senate meetings.

“It’s something that some people may yawn at, but it’s something that I think is really important,” Edwards said.
Students can voice their concerns at the Senate’s weekly meetings.

“Sometimes it’s just good to see what your representatives are doing,” Edwards said. “Senate meetings are a great place to do that.”