Students will get fired up on Baylor campus

By Amanda Tolentino

Controlled fires can provide safety lessons students can learn in case of fire-related emergencies.

Campus Safety Awareness Day is part of a National Campus Safety Awareness Month, which is September, and is meant to spread awareness of potential safety hazards and how to prevent them.

In honor of Campus Safety Awareness Day, a live burn demonstration will take place at 4:15 p.m. today on Fifth Street in front of Fountain Mall.

“The burn will demonstrate how quickly fire can spread and will help students understand the different phases of a fire,” said Director of Emergency Management Leigh Ann Moffett.

The event will take place during Dr Pepper Hour, which will be from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Barfield Drawing Room from 3 to 4 p.m.

The demonstration will feature a mock student room that the Waco Fire Department will set on fire. Paul Simmons, the assistant fire chief from the Waco Fire Department, will be present to walk participants through the process of the fire during the demonstration. This includes observing how quickly the fire and smoke will spread.

Moffett said the demonstration is meant to engage Baylor students, faculty and staff. The county public health department, Waco Fire Department and Bear Aware will be present during the demonstration.

This year’s live controlled fire will be set up similar to last year’s Campus Safety Awareness Day.

Moffett said she hopes the controlled burn will help students be able to comprehend the important warning signs of a fire, such as smell and alarm signals.

“They should understand if there is a fire it is important to immediately leave,” Moffett said. “I hope they are able to walk away with a respect for what fire is and that it is not something to write off.”

As part of Campus Safety Awareness day, the Baylor Police Department will also be present at the event. Crime Prevention Coordinator Candy Knowles said the department will have an alcohol awareness booth in the Barfield Drawing Room.

“We will have daytime and nighttime vision impairment goggles,” Knowles said.

Students will wear the goggles and try to walk in a straight line and pick up an item from the ground. Knowles said the department will also be handing out water bottles with tips on what to look for in cases of alcohol poisoning.