Anything you can do, I can do better

By Krista Pirtle
Sports Editor

Hydration is key before, during and after workouts, especially in the Texas heat.

Vigorous physical activity in a warm environment is one of the biggest physical stresses the human body can encounter.

When you work out, you lose 900-1400 mg of sodium per liter of sweat.

Even though you think you’re hydrated, you could not be drinking enough.

Everyone can train themselves to become better drinkers and can learn from experience just how much fluid they need.

While water is important to your health daily, sports drinks provide more nutrients for your body.

Not only can sports drinks replenish nutrients lost in exercise, they can also improve your performance.


Water offers no flavor which leads to little being consumed.

Sports drinks offer a little flavor to encourage more drinking.


Water contains no energy.

Sports drinks contain carbohydrates so the muscles can work longer and stronger.


Water contains no sodium.
Sports drinks contain sodium, allowing you to drink more and replaces what was lost in sweat.