Baylor student hit by car

By Linda Nguyen
Staff writer

A 19-year old female Baylor student was hit by a car on Tuesday afternoon at 1:45 on campus at the corner of South 4th Street and Bagby Avenue while trying to cross a crosswalk.

The student was taken to Hillcrest Hospital for minor injuries. According to Hillcrest Hospital, the student was discharged at 7:03 Tuesday night.

The driver, who was trying to turn left when he struck the girl, was a 19-year old Caucasian male driving a silver Honda Civic. He was cited for failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian in the crosswalk. The injured student said that while she felt the accident was unfortunate, she hasn’t held anything against the driver of the car.

“It happened. It was unfortunate but there wasn’t really anything either of us could have done about it,” she said. “I havent been too great. I have a neck brace and a sling for my shoulder. I’m kind of sore, but I didn’t break anything, which was a miracle.”