Students share positive stories from 91st Diadeloso

Students had the opportunity to experience carnival rides on campus during Diadeloso. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

By Luke Lattanzi | Staff Writer

Baylor hosted its 91st Diadeloso Tuesday and many students were satisfied with this year’s celebration.

Baylor began its traditional event — previously called “All-University Day” back in 1932 — when Baylor President Pat Neff declared that there would be a day off for all students filled with various events and activities.

There were many obstacle courses on campus for students. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor
Many obstacle courses were available to students during Diadeloso and encouraged healthy competition between friends. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

After going through various names, such as “Physical Fitness Day,” or “May Day,” the name “Diadeloso,” or the “Day of the Bear,” was settled upon in 1966.

Today, Dia is known for hosting a plethora of on-campus events for students, and is also typically used as an opportunity for students to get off campus and spend time with friends. This year’s Dia started off with an intramural tournament at 9 a.m., featuring games such as wiffleball, pickleball, cornhole and archery tag.

Many teams battled it out in the archery tag for intramurals during Dia del Oso. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor
Many teams battled it out in the archery tag at the intramurals section of Diadeloso. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

Bedford senior Ivan Munoz said his first Dia was a great one, and he would definitely celebrate again even though he’s a senior.

“This is actually my first Dia I’ve been to, really,” Munoz said. “I think my favorite thing so far has been the live performances, SUNNN was great. We also got free food. I didn’t go last year and then the year before was virtual.”

At 10 a.m., live music and entertainment began and continued throughout the whole day. This year’s Dia in particular, was aimed at promoting lesser-known student-run bands, such as SUNNN.

At 11 a.m., students were able to enjoy a free “noon meal” provided by Baylor Dining Services and Human Resources. Food trucks also opened up and continued to serve the community until 4 p.m., which gave students even more options to eat. Businesses such as The Mac House, Tru Jamaica, Cha Community, Churros Time, Kona Ice, Nightlight Donuts, Waffle Chic, Pop’s Lemonade and Frank’s Kettle Corn showed up for the celebration.

At 11 a.m., attractions such as axe throwing, a ballistic swing and obstacle courses opened up to students and remained so until 4 p.m.

Student jumps over beam in one of the obstacle course machines. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor
Students could hurdle over an obstacle course instead of homework during Diadeloso. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

Spring freshman Kaitlyn Jones said her favorite thing about Dia was the live music.

“I really like the live music, I think it really gives it a little pump,” Jones said. “I think just the idea of having an organized event like this, it’s just kind of nice that people are like, ‘Oh yeah, this is a day to have fun, don’t stress.’”

Jones also said she had fun seeing the various attractions brought to campus.

“I really found the [Ballistic Swing] to be pretty cool. I was like, ‘How did they bring that here?’ And the axe throwing was always fun,” Jones said.