Pop’s Lemonade Company lives out original Pop’s legacy

POP's lemonade recently spent a few days on Baylor's campus where it was a smash hit with students. Courtesy of Pop's Lemonade

Avery Owens | Reporter

The lemonade company known for its sweet and tart lemonade has a mission that goes beyond tasty beverages.

Pop’s Lemonade Company is the self-claimed, “sweetest spot in town!” as they say on Instagram. The food truck sells varieties of lemonade and often parks on Baylor’s campus.

Omari Head is the owner and said he not only named the company after his father, Andre Head (Pop), but also uses his recipe.

“I have this recipe that my dad taught me when I was ten-years-old and it is the best lemonade that you will ever have in your life,” Head said. “We have taken his recipe and we have revised it a little bit to make it our own so that it’s approachable for everybody. My wife Abby and I worked together on my dad’s recipe to make it what it is today.”

Head said the business was built on the foundation of his loved ones.

“Family is super important to us. We like to incorporate our family into whatever we do,” Head said.

After losing his father to COVID-19 this past November, Head said he hopes to use this company to honor his father.

“My dad was all about hospitality. He really loved to host people. He wanted people to feel loved all the time,” Head said. “Part of honoring him with the business is just making sure that people feel loved, people feel accepted, that lemonade does more than quench your thirst, but it brings a smile to your face.”

Head has noticed how his lemonade positively impacts the Baylor community.

“Students and staff would come up to the truck just looking so gloomy,” Head said. “They take a sip and then smile. It became a part of people’s day.”

Interactions like this remind him of his father, Head said. He hopes that his company can continue to grow in honor of Pop’s legacy.

“You always looked forward to talking to him because you knew that you’d walk away encouraged, feeling good,” Head said. “With the business, we want to honor him by going as far as we can with it. My dad was a visionary. He was just so excited that he got to be a part of what we were doing. We want to honor him by doing as much as we can.”

Tampa, Fla. junior Raena Drayton loves seeing the lemonade truck on campus.

“The people working there are super happy and they’re just excited to be there,” Drayton said. “I think it’s really a fun place to be and an enjoyable thing to do on campus. They have a very happy vibe.”

The lemonade truck is not on campus at the moment but will return to campus on April 19. For now, the lemonade can be purchased from various locations around Waco, including Franklin Avenue Mac House and Common Grounds on Eighth Street.

“We would love to see this business become nationwide because that’s the kind of personality my dad had,” Head said. “He had that ‘I’m gonna reach everybody’ type of personality, so that’s what we want to do with the business. We want to reach everybody.”