Dia Del Oso concert lineup showcases student bands

The Dia Del Oso lineup. Photo courtesy of Chloé Choudhury

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

Though the forecast is looking gray and cloudy on Dia Del Oso 2023, student band Sunnn is sure to bring the heat nonetheless. They’re joined by a long lineup of local bands set to perform on Fountain Mall and the SUB Bowl on campus’ favorite Tuesday of the year.

Sunnn lead singer and Sugarland sophomore Chloe Choudhury said it’s an honor to play as a group of Baylor students, to other Baylor students.

“We kind of started out of nowhere, and we haven’t been a band that long, and people have been really kind to us,” Choudhury said. “It’s really hard to build a fanbase in a city like Waco. It’s small, and there is a scene, but it’s not really the forefront of anything. So having a big entity like Baylor recognize student bands says something.”

The band is composed of Choudhury along with Shreveport, La., sophomore Mark Raines, Cypress junior Phillip Whaley and The Colony sophomore Matthew Fisanik. They released their first EP in October and are currently working on their first album. Choudhury said the band may play an unreleased song from the album on Dia if their freeform writing style puts the finishing touches on in time.

This year’s musical act is somewhat different from last year’s, when Apollo LTD headlined on Fountain Mall. Whaley, the drummer for Sunnn, said Baylor’s decision to highlight student and local bands instead of outsourcing the music is a blessing and feels like a nod to their talent.

“It’s a great time, and whenever Chloe told us we were getting this gig, it was unbelievable that [Baylor] would ask us,” Whaley said. “I’m so happy, so blessed that we’re playing it. And, it’s cool too that we’re playing it because a lot of the people that come to our shows are from Baylor, but to have a Baylor event, Baylor-funded, we have a chance to really prove ourselves to those people, so hopefully we have the chance to play again next year.”

Sunnn looks to put on a show at Dia that will encourage music lovers to come out to see them at Freight Waco’s Battle of the Bands on May 4.

The full lineup of Dia performers can be found here, as well as a schedule of events throughout the day.