Students recover at on-campus addiction treatment center

By Melanie Pace | Broadcast Reporter

The Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center (BARC), located in the East Village Residential Community, has been serving Baylor students for around three years.

Substance abuse is two and a half times more common on college campuses than in the general population. Around 22.9 percent of college students meet the medical definition of drug addiction, which means the number of students dealing with addiction at Baylor is potentially larger than the freshman class.

The BARC treats students for mental health issues ranging from eating disorders to drug, alcohol, and pornography addiction.

Stanton Corley, Baylor’s recovery support coordinator, said many of the recovery groups are let by students who have been sober for a substantial period of time.

“Peer support is one of the greatest ways people experience recovery,” Corley said.

Having another student lead in the recovery process helps “break down walls and provide spaces for students to be vulnerable.” Corley said one problem with seeking recovery on a college campus is the stigma associated with substance use.

“We want to change the language,” Corley said.

Corley said the struggle is greater on a Christian campus because “there’s this implication that drug addicts are horrible sinners.”

The BARC provides holistic and religious approaches to recovery, so students can take the path that best suits their needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact the BARC through email at