Students paint multicultural canvas at Mosaic Asian Night

Story by Maya Butler | Staff Writer, Video by Kennedy Dendy | Broadcast Reporter

The third annual Mosaic Asian Night brought together students from diverse organizations on campus on Tuesday in the Barfield Drawing Room.

Multicultural Affairs and the Coalition of Asian Students hosted and sponsored the event. Several Asian organizations participated that night to recruit potential members looking to connect to the Baylor community.

Geoffrey Griggs, assistant director of Multicultural Affairs, explained the goal of the department for the student body.

“We’re just hoping to educate everybody about what’s going on here at Baylor, to highlight student groups that maybe don’t get enough attention as others,” Griggs said. “Students that come to Baylor, for however long they’re here, they’re a part of the Baylor family, so [we] showcase that a part of the life they grew up in exists here at Baylor University as well, so we’re excited for that and we hope events like this and the rest of the week showcase that to the whole student body.”

The various Asian organizations that filled the room were not the only features spotted that night, with free food and guest speakers making an appearance.

Students lined up for the trays covered in aluminum foil hosting warm free food provided by Fortune Cookie.

The event also included vice president of Student Life, Dr. Kevin P. Jackson, and dean for Student Development, Dr. Elizabeth D. Palacios, as guest speakers who encouraged students to embrace college life and to make the most of their time at Baylor.

Joining one of the Asian organizations has allowed students like Waco freshman Mikayla Madraso the chance to be a part of a community.

“I’m a part of the Filipino Student Association, so I thought it would be cool to mingle with other people as well,” Madraso said. “I wanted to learn more about my culture and meet more people that share the same culture as me.”

San Ramon, Calif., sophomore Shachi Deshmukh serves as a social chair officers for the Indian Subcontinent Student Association (ISSA),

“It definitely brings back a part of home,” Shachi Deshmukh said. “I’m from a very diverse community, and coming to Baylor, there’s definitely a lot of variety, but we’re like a smaller population I would say, especially the Asian population, so I got to meet a lot of my friends through here and celebrate a lot of culture[s].”

Spring senior Michelle Vo, who serves as vice president of the Asian Student Association (ASA), has grown a lot since taking on a leadership position in the organization.

“I’ve learned a lot in regards to leadership,” Vo said. “I was always very shy and introverted — I still am — but I’ve learned to speak out more, help lead an organization and talk to other people to get them to be active in our club.”

Even students who weren’t interested in joining any of the organizations were encouraged to attend.

“Nights like this are here to, you know, be support for students coming into university that do relate to the Asian culture, but also to show students that here’s a culture, come learn about it, come embrace it and celebrate it,” Griggs said. “It may be different from yours but it’s a good time to come and support what the other students have going on.”