MuteMath offers crowd-pleasing show

Emilly Martinez | Copy Editor
Emilly Martinez | Copy Editor

MuteMath rundown

genre: alternative rock
hometown: New Orleans
formed: 2003

Paul Meany — lead vocalist, keyboardist
Darren King — drums
Todd Gummerman — guitar
Roy Mitchell-Cardena­s —­­ bass

studio albums:
Mutemath (2006)
Armistice (2009)
Odd Soul (2011)

live albums:
Mutemath: Flesh and Bones Electric Fun (2007)
Armistice Live (2010)

Reset (2004)
Live at the El Rey (2006)
Spotlight (2009)

By Emilly Martinez
Copy Editor

When I heard this summer that MuteMath was coming to Common Grounds, I was extremely excited. Unfortunately, a couple of days later I also found out that the concert was sold out.

Luckily I managed to get ahold of some tickets and join the masses gathered to see MuteMath take the stage Saturday in the Common Grounds Backyard.

MuteMath is one of my favorite bands and I was surprised they would stop at such a small venue as Common Grounds.

I had heard of the stage presence MuteMath has ­— often throwing objects around and hanging off rafters as a band member did Sunday in San Antonio.

While the concert was not Common Grounds’ largest show to date, the coffee shop sold over 600 tickets, and even more people snuck into the venue through holes in the fence and by climbing on to the roof.

Despite the high chance of rain, the backyard was packed. More than once people were asked to leave because they did not have a ticket.

The area had been expanded into the parking lot area behind Harts N Crafts but almost everyone was crowded in front of the stage, leaving only a few people sitting in the expanded section.

The crowd was lively, clapping and cheering – some even playing airdrums along with the music. On the back porch, feet dangling over the roof moved to the beat.

The band played old and new songs, including hits like “Chaos,” “Control” and “Noticed.” True to reputation, MuteMath had epic stage presence and kept the audience engaged in the performance the entire time.

After the show the band stuck around, talked to fans and even took pictures.

MuteMath was formed in New Orleans in 2003. The band was nominated in 2007 for the “Best Short Form Music Video” Grammy Award for their song “Typical.”

The show was part of MuteMath’s “The Odd Soul Introduction Tour” as the group traveled from Oklahoma City to San Antonio. “Odd Soul,” MuteMath’s third album, was released Sept. 30.

I really enjoyed the concert despite the poor view. Height order should definitely be enforced at shows, tall people in the back. The venue provided a place where the audience could feel like a part of the show and connect with the band. I especially liked that fans were able to talk to band members after the show and that they did not just hop on their tour bus and leave.

Common Grounds offers an environment perfect for music lovers. Often popular bands are booked in venues too large for fans to actually enjoy the show but the backyard of Common Grounds was the ideal size for a large audience to experience MuteMath’s performance up close and at a personal level.

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