Glorybell Coffee provides coffee, connection with God

Glorybell serves the Waco community by providing a Christian atmosphere and coffee. Mia Crawford | Photographer Photo credit: Mia Crawford

By Erika Kuehl | Staff Writer

At 600 Columbus Ave., Glorybell Coffee provides a space for prayer, calmness and a good cup of coffee in partnership with Glorybell Church next door.

Glorybell Coffee manager Robert Lim said pastor Chuck Martin was the mastermind behind the idea to pair a church with a coffee shop.

“We’re right across the street from the county courthouse,” Lim said. “And every Monday, there’s a line of people coming in for essential jury duty. So [we] saw that as possibly a way to help serve the community, to open up our lobby doors and start talking to them.”

Inside the coffee shop, customers can hear the worship services going on next door over the speakers. On top of that, Lim said all employees are trained to pray for people and promote services for Glorybell Church.

“The mission is basically to offer jobs and community,” Lim said. “That’s one, another is basically another open-door ministry for the church to people that might not want to attend service. But there’s an open, welcoming environment for whoever wants to enjoy the space.”

Lim said Glorybell Coffee is different from other coffee shops because of its openly Christian and family-friendly environment, which is enjoyable for all ages.

“We are the largest coffee shop by square footage in Waco,” Lim said. “We have a lot of space for people to enjoy. We have a kids’ area for kids to play around while parents sit back a little bit and relax while enjoying some drinks. And it’s just overall welcoming, big air-conditioned space. So a lot of people do Bible study here. A lot of students come to study. A lot of business people have meetings here.”

Lim said he has had experiences with customers who have come out completely changed from their time at Glorybell Coffee. He said one regular customer, in particular, came in with symptoms of depression and anxiety and left without them.

“I hope that people feel just a sense of a Holy Spirit-filled space that’s just welcoming to all,” Lim said. “It just shows that the heart of our church is within our coffee shop, and possibly, they may want to visit the church.”

Dallas junior Phoebe Schuch said she immediately felt welcomed at Glorybell Coffee and goes there to study and connect with God in a modern way.

“The vibes are great,” Schuch said. “I like how big it is, and the open lighting is really pretty. They were playing Christian music, which I thought was cool. You could definitely tell that the workers there cared about Jesus and you.”

Erika Kuehl is a sophomore journalism student from Southern California, with a minor in film and digital media. In her first year at the Lariat, she is excited to learn from her peers and develop as a writer. She is very passionate about writing music and movie reviews. After graduation, she plans to write for a significant publication outside the state.