Out of touch, not out of time: Give your grandparents a call

By Lilly Yablon | Photographer

With how busy college students can be, they may often forget to reach out to their family members, especially their grandparents — that is, if they are blessed to still have any grandparents at all.

I’ll admit, even though I have a close relationship with my grandmother, there are periods of time when I forget to call, so don’t feel too bad if you find yourself in the same situation.

My closeness with my grandmother developed from the time I lived with her throughout high school. When I came home from school, she would ask me how my day went and what I did. She loved to be involved in what was going on in my life. She would come to some of my basketball games, even though she didn’t like getting out of the house much. She also cared for me and the rest of my family well. Some ways we would spend quality time together were going to lunch and watching TV together. I would also take her to doctor appointments. But when I left for college, I stopped talking to my grandma as much.

While it may not be the top priority on your to-do list, there are multiple reasons why it’s important to regularly communicate with your grandparents. First off, they feel special when you reach out to them. It makes them happy to know that you thought of them, even with a busy schedule. Secondly, they want to know what’s going on in your life. Or thirdly, they might just want someone to talk to. Giving them a call also allows you to check in on them and make sure they’re doing well.

In turn, there is much to be learned from grandparents. They have been on this Earth far longer than most, meaning they can be positive role models and give great advice. There’s also a good chance they can tell you more about your cultural heritage and family history. They always have stories to share.

The next time you contact your grandparents, encourage your friends to call their grandparents as well. Take advantage of staying in touch with your grandparents now, because the day will eventually come when you will no longer have that opportunity. So, the next time you think about them, just give them a call. It will make their day.