Maintain your reading craze with library cards, check out Waco Libraries

By Lily Nussbaum | Social Media Editor

Similar to summer, spring break often pushes college students to discover or rediscover their love for reading. While this is a joyous revelation, the cost attached to the hobby can quickly squander it.

Luckily, the Waco Library is here to help.

Since I was young, I’ve always been a proud owner of a library card. Honestly, it was one of the biggest things I missed about my hometown. It never crossed my mind to look into getting one in Waco until I checked my bank account and realized most of my paycheck was going toward books.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for buying books. I love my bookshelf at home and the fact that all my favorites are on hand and ready to be reread if I want.

But, a library card can be helpful if you aren’t in the place to spend money or if you’re trying to decide whether the book is good enough to own or borrow for a bit.

If you are a student living in McLennan County, you can register online through the library’s website. Then, all you need to bring to the library to get the card is a photo ID and some proof of residency, like a utility bill or lease.

Four branches compose the Waco library system. They are scattered across town and each carry a unique book selection. There is a wide selection between the four branches from the newest fantasy read to a popular memoir.

Using the online catalog, you can search for all your favorite books and see which location has them in stock. My favorite location, West Waco Library, is right by Target off Valley Mills Drive and makes checking out and returning books super easy. They also carry audiobooks, DVDs and video games.

Aside from the extensive selection of books, the Waco Library branches are a great place to study. It’s quiet and they have desktop computers and printers, plus there’s no temptation to spend $7 on a Starbucks latte.

Two other cool features of the Waco Library are the book request form and book recommendation form. Similar to how you can order any book to your favorite bookstore for pick up even if they don’t carry it in-store, the Waco library has a form where readers can request a novel be added to their inventory.

Additionally, students can get recommendations on what to read next from a librarian. It’s helpful having someone well-versed in books to guide you or, in my case since I’m indecisive, tell you what to read. This feature really helps when you hit a slump.

Don’t let the reading habit die because of cost. Check out the Waco Library.

Lily Nussbaum is a senior film and digital media and public relations double major from Dallas, Texas. This is her second year with the Lariat and second semester as Social Media Editor. She loves the fast-paced environment of the newsroom and is excited to continue to grow the Lariat audience through socials. After graduation, she plans to work in the entertainment industry as a publicist or at an agency.