There are book genres bound for you

By Maggie Alexander | Social Media Editor

Finding time to read in college is already challenging, but finding what to read can be an even bigger obstacle.

Everyone has their favorite go-to feel-good movie genre. Whether you are an adventure seeker who turns to action-packed scenes or a hopeless romantic who gravitates toward passionate and loving moments, everyone has that one movie genre they couldn’t live without.

The same thing applies to finding a book genre that is perfect for you. There is a book genre for everyone that has the capability of turning reading into something enjoyable.

To find which genre of literature is the right fit for you, you must first ask yourself these three questions:

1. What is your intention with what you read?

When people sit down to read a book at leisure, they search for different things. Whether you are looking to learn new information, escape into a different world or search for a form of entertainment, the intention of why you read is important to know when determining which genre would stimulate you most.

2. What grabs your attention (drama, mystery, science, romance)?

Another thing to consider is what genre will grab your attention and keep you enticed until the end of the book. To help answer this question, think about the kinds of TV shows and movies you usually gravitate toward. Start there.

It could be drama, mystery, science fiction, romance or fantasy. There are so many different personas of books to explore.

3. How much time can you commit to a book when you start reading?

As students, we know that the worst feeling is having to reread something you have already read. When you do not have the time to fully commit to a book you are reading — especially when you don’t find it interesting — you often find yourself having to go back and remember what you previously read. However, those who have experienced the feeling can argue there is nothing better than getting completely lost in the pages of a good book when you have the time. The feeling of “I just can’t put it down” is truly unmatched.

If you do not find reading enjoyable, I encourage you to ask yourself those three questions and reevaluate.

There is a book genre for everyone to dive deeper into that will pique their interest. If you are looking for book recommendations, check out the A&L desk recommendations here.