No winter freeze in sight, spend some time in sunlight

By Sarah Wang | Staff Writer

Chirping birds, budding twigs and blossoming daisies: scenes of spring have invaded every corner of campus with a warmer spring in Waco, starting a semester which should technically begin in winter.

Even for a southern state that is warm year-round like Texas, such a phenomenon is atypical — at least it wasn’t seen in the last two winters, when the spring semesters would arrive in mid of cold winter air and icy temperatures.

With that being said, this spring may be a perfect timing for outdoor activities.

Last January in Texas was all about bare branches, dry, withered grasses and cold breath; however, this January is predicted to be warmer than usual according to the Climate Prediction Center.

Most of the trees and plants remain lively, and there is a beautiful scene from my balcony. The grass seems greener and the warmer air is making the outside atmosphere so enjoyable.

Photo credit: Gracie Speer

I could think about nothing better than going outside in such weather. Going outside this spring offers such a valuable experience for you to enjoy a relaxed pace of life with a brand new perspective, unlike previous and more chilly winters.

The warmer temperature is great for outdoor activities this spring.

Even when the sun gives us tons of sunshine on typical days this time of year, the usual cold weather and frozen winds could still be giant hindrances for people. Many have the enthusiasm and appreciation for nature but may step back when the cold kicks in.

Yet this January is different. You have the ideal environment to begin hiking with a warmer temperature and fresh scenes.

Even though this is often the season when bacteria and viruses become rampant, going outdoors for fresh air would still be better than staying inside your dorm or apartment.

While exercising strengthens your body and activates your mind, exposing yourself into the sunlight helps your body to absorb vitamin D, which is fundamental for your health and can be really a preventive measure against disease.

Jump in and enjoy the season.