Baylor students share excitement for homecoming traditions

By BrenShavia Jordan | Broadcast Reporter

As a Baylor student, there are celebrations and traditions to look forward to throughout the year. Homecoming has been noted as one of the most anticipated celebrations since 1909. It is a time for alumni and current students to come together as one.

In 1901 Baylor University hosted the nation’s first collegiate homecoming. It started with alumni receiving postcards in the mail and inviting them to come back and share in the school spirit again. The school spirit is still alive today, as students prepare for the traditions that have been around for over 100 years.

Starting Thursday there will be much to rave about on campus. It is a time where school spirit is proudly shown and alumni come home.

Plano senior Julia Pantleo said she is looking forward to enjoying this homecoming and the ones that will follow.

“This year, since it’s my senior year, I am excited to have one final hoorah at homecoming as an undergraduate,” Pantleo said. “Hopefully, I come back in the future for other homecomings.”

Houston junior Taylor Plata said she is looking forward to the Pigskin Revue performances.

“My sorority is in Pigskin this year, and I’m super excited to see all the acts and to see all the energy that goes on onstage,” Plata said.

San Francisco, Calif. junior Brandon Sullivan said he is looking forward to a homecoming win for the football team.

“This homecoming I am looking forward to beating Texas Tech,” Sullivan said.

Homecoming kicks off with Queen & Her Court Thursday, as women are selected as queen, and members of the homecoming court. The festivities will continue until Saturday, ending with Pigskin Revue, a sold-out tradition that showcases musical and Broadway-style acts. Other events to look forward to are the bonfire and homecoming parade.

For a full schedule of this week’s events, visit the Baylor Homecoming website.