Waco community shows support in annual Walk for the Homeless

By Melanie Pace | Broadcast Reporter

Mission Waco’s 26th annual Walk for the Homeless was held on Sunday morning. Along the route, walkers stopped for 15 to 20 minutes at different locations such as Compassion Ministries, the VA Regional Center and First Baptist Church.

A motorcycle brigade helped navigate the walkers and keep traffic at bay.

R.J. Berger, a volunteer in the motorcycle brigade, said he participated in the walk for the seventeenth time.

Berger said the cause is important to him because the work he does is “real.”

“It’s being the church,” Berger said. “The Bible says to be the church, so that’s being the church.”

Along with working Sunday’s walk, Berger said he serves meals at Mission Waco, helps with the Christmas Toy Run and has been serving at Mission Waco in a “smaller capacity” for years.

“This is the church. It’s multicultural, multi-generation, multi-financial,” Berger said. “This is where God is at.”